What is Raw & Cold-Extracted Honey?

What is Raw & Cold-Extracted Honey?

What you don’t know about your honey may surprise you

There Is a reason we never heat our honey...
(we call it "Cold Extracted")

Honey bees gather nutritionally dense nectars adding to them
important enzymes, and probiotics.
In the end we have a life sustaining source of energy. With many different sugars, amino acids, vitamins, minerals etc. there is no debate that
Honey is a super food!

Honey can balance the metabolism, improve sleep, lower blood sugar, heal wounds, increase energy, & cleanse skin, just to list a few.... 

But it must be absolutely "Un-processed"!
So why are so many of the benefits of honey a lost secret?

Because unfortunately

Almost all commercial honey is ruined

by being heated, pasteurized &/or filtered,
sometimes there is little indication it ever came from a flower in the first place.
Honey is stripped of pollens, enzymes, & nutrients making it little 
better than corn syrup. Raw honey is antimicrobial & has a naturally long shelf life.

So you might ask-

Why is honey processed? 

The truth lies in packaging costs. 
Cold honey runs slow. Heating honey to at least 130 F 
lowers costs by greatly increasing production speed.
Heat is also required to pump honey when bottled by machine.
Once heated, honey is
filtered which removes natural particles that would cause crystallization deemed undesirable to consumers.

The desire for perfect color, clarity, & consistency, 
inspires many bad practices within the honey industry.


Honey Sauce

Even worse, “Honey syrups” & “sauces” have little or no honey at all. 
Apparently, it need only taste like honey.
Here is an ingredient list I found from a packet of "honey sauce":
"High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Syrup, Sugar, Honey, Fructose...7% real honey" 
Corn syrup costs & sugar cost way less than honey. 
Any wonder why corn syrup is in everything?

Raw vs. Cold Extracted

Naturally, you might think your local health food store has "unheated" honey.

"Raw" honey may not be pasteurized, 
but honey that is labeled "raw" can still be heated up to 115 F. 
When heated,  vibrant flavors and delicate properties are altered.

If you pay for raw honey, why not make sure it's worth every penny?
And why pay "honey" prices for "corn syrup" labeled as honey?

Taste the Difference

Sure, all of this may sound a little fanatical,
This is why we love it when people taste our Living Honey for the 1st time.
A typical response is
“Wow, incredible! I had no idea honey could taste so good”.

Fresh unheated honey caries a vibrancy you don't find in stores.
A good way to describe the flavor is "alive".
Living Honey is Cold Extracted,
(never heated-never filtered) 
leaving natures goodness IN the honey.

We are commitment to bringing you the very best,

because we believe nature intended it that way.

Explore our Organic Honey Collection (Raw and Cold-Extracted) below:
Simply the great food
(Source: www.livinghoney.biz)


Hello sir i read somewhere in one of your articles that mixing honey with carrot seeds helps increasing your libido. Can you please tell me the exact process of how to make that mixture.

Ali Hamza

Your website is very knowledge based and your products are very pure. I have recently purchased Acacia honey and have introduced it to my near family. Everybody is appreciating the quality. This is an amazing and healthy product of yours. Please continue to maintain the standards and don’t get it commercialized please. I am now your routine customer just because of purity of the product.

Hassaan Rafi

aoa,can u please give me the price of your product and means of suply.thanks

mazhar nawaz khan

Thank you very much for educating the masses, you are doing a service to the mankind. I have tried your Organic Honey and found it really pure. Ever since I started consuming, my metabolic health and immunity has strengthened and it is part of my daily intake.

Dr. A Shah

Dr. Amjad Shah

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