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Simply the great food

Panjeeri made with18 Superfoods اعلیٰ معیار کی پنجیری

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With or without Gurr ? ( we do not add sugar in our Panjeeri)
This is homemade Panjeeri made using the finest ingredients. There is no compromise on quality and taste. Our kitchen and the preparation area is kept clean and we follow the best quality and hygiene standards. 

Semolina (or Sooji) is 25% and the rest 75% are dried fruits and nuts. 

List of Ingredients اجزاء

Homemade Desi Ghee دیسی گھی
Semolina سوجی
Almonds بادام
Walnuts اخروٹ
Cashew  کاجو
Pistachio پستہ
Coconut Powder ناریل پاؤڈر
Fox Nuts پھول مخانہ
Tragacanth Gum چار گوند
Mixed Melon Seeds چار مغز
Sesame Seeds تل کے بیج
Poppy Seeds خشخاش
Raisins کشمش
Ajwain اجوائن
Ginger Powder سونڈ
Fennel Seeds سونف
Sugar Candy مصری
Gurr (optional)