Madina Ajwa Premium مدینہ عجوہ کھجور

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Sukri Dates سوکری کھجور

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Saudi Safawi Dates صفاوی (قلمی) کھجور

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Saudi Segai Dates صقعی کھجور

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  • Cashew Plain Unsalted

    Regular price From Rs.1,550 PKR
    Regular price Rs.1,550 PKR Sale price From Rs.1,550 PKR
    Cashew Plain Unsalted
  • Jumbo Roasted Cashew with Skin

    Regular price From Rs.1,500 PKR
    Regular price Rs.1,500 PKR Sale price From Rs.1,500 PKR
    Jumbo Roasted Cashew with Skin
  • Pistachio without shell

    Regular price From Rs.2,530 PKR
    Regular price Rs.2,530 PKR Sale price From Rs.2,530 PKR
    Pistachio without shell
  • Pistachio with shell

    Regular price From Rs.1,600 PKR
    Regular price Rs.2,520 PKR Sale price From Rs.1,600 PKR
    Pistachio with shell
  • Pine Nuts Chilgoza with shell

    Regular price From Rs.2,050 PKR
    Regular price Sale price From Rs.2,050 PKR
    Pine Nuts Chilgoza with shell
    Sold out
  • Anjeer Premium Quality Dry Figs

    Regular price From Rs.2,620 PKR
    Regular price Rs.2,620 PKR Sale price From Rs.2,620 PKR
    Anjeer Premium Quality Dry Figs
  • Afghani Sattar Bhai Almonds

    Regular price From Rs.1,830 PKR
    Regular price Rs.1,830 PKR Sale price From Rs.1,830 PKR
    Afghani Sattar Bhai Almonds
  • Afghani Almonds with Shell

    Regular price From Rs.1,650 PKR
    Regular price Sale price From Rs.1,650 PKR
    Afghani Almonds with Shell
  • California Almonds

    Regular price From Rs.1,450 PKR
    Regular price Sale price From Rs.1,450 PKR
    California Almonds
  • Walnut Delight

    Regular price From Rs.650 PKR
    Regular price Rs.2,100 PKR Sale price From Rs.650 PKR
    Walnut Delight
    Sold out
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Desi Ghee

Rich in aroma and texture, Desi Ghee kindles the digestive fire in the body, contributing to a better nutrition. pure desi ghee is made by warming high quality butter (makhan) to ensure its purity and quality.

Make your immune system stronger with our Traditional Desi Ghee.

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Homemade Panjeeri

We make fresh Panjeeri everyday in Homemade Desi Ghee and 18 other ingredients.

The ingredients in Panjeeri help soothe sore muscles, lubricate joints and reduce body aches. 

This tasty sweet also helps boost immunity and ward off seasonal infections including cold and cough

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Organic Apple Cidre Vinegar

It is fermented and aged for a minimum of 6 months to create a healthy bacteria of enzymes and probiotics (the "mother”) created during the fermenting process helps promote healthy digestion.

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Persian Saffron

Our pure Saffron is naturally grown and hand harvested in Afghanistan and Iran. This variety  of Saffron is called Super Negin and it is superior to Spanish, Indian, Kashmiri and all other varieties.

Press below to read health benefits.

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Basmati Rice

We have added this product because (unfortunately) most Basmati Rice available in the local market is actually no-Basmati GMO variety.
Our family is in rice business for more than 70+ years and we understand the traditional and authentic variety of Basmati that we all grew up with.

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Himalayan Pink Salt

Although Pink Salt is a product of Pakistan but there are many different qualities and grades available in the local market.

We produce the finest quality, genuine and authentic Pink Salt with no added colours.

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Where does Sidr (Beri) Honey come from?

Meet our Beekeepers - Uncle Masaud

Does Honey Crystallise?