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Castor Oil زيت الخروع

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Heat destroys the medicinal and nutritional values of oils. Unfortunately most oils in the market are made using heat grinders. We use cold-pressed technique where seeds are pressed together by applying pressure. Although, less oil is extracted through this method but you can be sure oil retains all its natural minerals, vitamins and active enzymes. 
  • 100% Cold-Pressed
  • Heat Free Extra Virgin First Press
  • Solvent Free and Hexane Free
  • Alcohol Free and Preservative Free
  • Unrefined and Unprocessed
  • Vegan and Naturally Gluten Free
  • Third Party Lab Tested and Verified


Ingredients: Pure highest grade Castor Oil. Hexane and alcohol free. 

Suggested Use: Extremely good natural moisturizer. Helps hair-growth. Soothes inflamed skin, fights signs of ageing, treats scalp infections,  reduced joint aches, helps treat back pain.