About Us

Our Mission

Most of the commercial honey available in the market is pasteurised and filtered to a high temperature. This destroys the medical efficacy of honey. 

All our honey is harvested under our supervision and by our team of trained and qualified beekeepers. We believe that honey is a natural medicine and it should be consumed in its most natural form.

This is why we have specialised in the art of cold-extraction of honey. This means we do not heat the honey. Once extreacted from the hives, we do not filter the honey. All our honey is harvested in small batches and poured straight into sterilised glass jars. Just like nature intended.

Our mission is to train, develop and sustain beekeeping families in Pakistan and around the world as well as provide our trusted customers with a quality of honey that is second to none. 


Our Founders

Daniyal Ali is known as ‘the Honey Man’ because of his passion and knowledge of this fine, rare, luxurious golden substance. Of Pakistani heritage, Daniyal spent a considerable time of his life in London, UK. When Daniyal moved to Pakistan he was shocked to discover that he couldn’t find the beautiful raw honey that was produced in nearby Tribal Areas and the Himalayas mountains. This sparked his search and fuelled a single-minded obsession, to make the finest raw honey in the world available to everyone. He connected with rural beekeepers using centuries old traditions in Pakistan to form cooperatives. Daniyal also travels the globe seeking out unique and delicious raw honey and other health food products.

Our Ethos

Simply the great food understands the precious rarity of truly raw, pure honey. Our quality control is stringent to ensure our trusted customers receive the genuine product. Our supply chains are very short as we work directly with small and selected beekeeping families. We work closely with these artisans to protect their livelihoods, their traditional way of life and the sustainability of their work. All Simply the great food's honey is raw, straight from the hive with no heat-treatment or micro-filters which would rob it of the potent health promoting enzymes. None of our farmers or beekeepers feed sugar solution or supplements to their bees either. We are totally dedicated to extracting the purest most natural honey there is. This attention to detail extends to every aspect of the process, such as glass bottling, packaging and labelling.