Apple Blossom Honey عسل زهرة التفاح

Raw & Cold-Extracted

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NECTAR SOURCE: Apple Flowers.

CONSISTENCY: Smooth, moderately runny.

COLOUR: Light golden.

TASTE: Exceptionally pleasant and fresh aroma.

PROPERTIES: Apple Blossom Honey helps to treat anaemia; it is also used in various medicinal ointments for curing eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

Apple Blossom Honey is made by honey bees during the blooming period of Apple Flowers. 

These are light pink and white flowers. The nectar of Apple Flowers is rich in Iron and other minerals, therefore Apple Blossom Honey is traditionally used to treat anaemia. 

We harvest Apple Blossom Honey from Balochistan region of Pakistan. This area is famous for Apples through out the world.

Our beekeepers are trained in the art of cold-extraction of honey. We do not heat or filter the honey. All our honey contains natural enzymes, minerals and vitamins. 

Apple Blossom Honey is a very rare and unique honey, produced in small batches and available for a short period of time in a year. 


Why we can not sell our honey cheaper?

  • We do not mix this honey with other cheap ingredients in order to bulk up the honey. This is pure honey. There are no additional ingredients.
  • We do not heat our honey in order to extract it more easily. Yes, we spend more time and energy manually extracting the honey- because we want to keep our honey raw with those amazing health benefits.
  • We do not filter our honey. So this honey has natural bee pollen, micro pieces of propolis and bee wax, all of which benefit your health.
  • We do not use our bees for commercial pollination. Our bee farm is located in a wild place, so our honey does not have any pesticides or herbicides or other harmful chemicals.
  • Any real beekeeper will tell you how much work is required with bees to get each jar of honey. If you have bees, then you just work, work and work.
  • We do not use any chemicals in order kill pests found in the hives, nor do we use chemicals in the winter time in order to help the bees survive until spring. If you do your research you will find that 90% of beekeepers use chemicals on bees.


We spend a lot of time, effort and resources towards training and development of our beekeepers to International Standards. 

We are UAE Food Municipality and Pakistan Standards for Quality Control  Authority (PSQCA) certified company. It is illegal to sell honey in Pakistan without PSQCA certification. 

Honey is harvested by our trained and certified beekeepers under our supervision and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of International Standards. 

Once harvested, honey samples are sent to an independent laboratory in Islamabad. This laboratory is called Honey Research Institute operating under NARC. 

A second batch of samples is sent to our internal laboratory which is registered with PSQCA. In our state of the art laboratory, we check honey of adulteration through various tests, such as:

  • pH
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Ash Test at 600C
  • Thermal Stability Test
  • Glucose and Fructose Test
  • Pollen Density Test
  • HMF Test 
  • Sucrose Adulteration Test

We carry out these tests and prepare reports as per the SOPs of Quality Services International (Germany) requirements. Our test reports are accepted worldwide for an accuracy up to 3 decimal places. 

Before packaging, we randomly send our batches to Quality Services International (Germany) Laboratory and National Food Lab (UAE). 

We also spend a lot of time, effort and resources towards training and development of our beekeepers to International Standards. All our beekeepers are certified from our training academy. This is why, each time you order, we guarantee you a quality which is second to none. 

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