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Raw & Cold-Extracted - Limited Stock

Buckwheat Honey عسل الحنطة السوداء

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NECTAR SOURCE: Buckwheat Flowers only.

CONSISTENCY: Smooth and Thick.  

COLOUR:  Dark brown with a reddish tinge.

TASTE:  Earthy, with notes of malt, chocolate and black cherries.

PROPERTIES: Buckwheat honey is rich in Iron, therefore it is very good for people suffering from anemia or low blood platelets.

For the first time in Pakistan, we have harvested this honey under our supervision from Buckwheat producing areas near Skardu and Gilgit.

Buckwheat Honey is a dark honey and tends to harden during winter. This is amongst the most expensive honey in Europe and USA, due to high natural Iron and vitamins content. The bees forage on wild Buckwheat which produces tiny white flowers in late summer.

Available for a limited time and limited quantity. Once sold out, the next batch will be harvested in Sept/Oct 2024 (In Sha Allah).

All our honey is 100% Raw and Cold-Extracted. We work very closely with our beekeepers to ensure that each time you order, you receive genuine honey and same quality as found in a beehive.