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Raw & Cold-Extracted

Clover Blossom Honey عسل زهرة البرسيم

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Nectar Source: Wild Clover Flowers

Taste: Sweet, Floral and Mild.

Provenance: From our trusted beekeepers in the Murdike region of Gujranwala District in Punjab, Pakistan. 

As you know that honeybees make honey from the nectar of flowers, so Clover honey is the honey made by bees who almost exclusively feed on the nectar of the clover plant. 

The best health benefits of clover honey include its ability to reduce chronic diseases, protect the immune system, lower blood pressure, and regulate diabetes among others.

All our honey at Simply the great food is 100% pure, raw and cold-extracted. This means honey is collected from the hives with no heat applied. Applying heat kills enzymes and destroys the natural healing properties of raw honey.