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Sidr (Beri) Honey عسل السدر

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NECTAR SOURCE: Wild Sidr (Beri) Flowers only.

CONSISTENCY: Smooth, viscous, rich and moderately thick.  

COLOUR: Medium to dark amber.

TASTE: Robust with butterscotch & caramel  and woody notes.

PROPERTIES: Lowers bad cholesterol, strengthens immune system, good for athletes, elderly and pregnant women for its high mineral content.


Organic Sidr (Beri) - the mono-floral honey which comes from the bees that feed exclusively on the nectar of the wild Sidr (Beri) tree. This ancient tree grows uncultivated in the remote areas surrounding areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan's tribal belt and Talagang, salt range and Mian Wali in Punjab. The reason we harvest from this region is because this area hosts the oldest and largest Sidr (Beri) Tree Forest. The quality of this Sidr (Beri) Honey is so good that it has been rated the "best in the world" by honey connoisseurs at FoodEx 2016 held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

If you love honey (and believe that honey is also a medicine) then you will love Organic Sidr (Beri) Honey. It is slightly expensive compared to the processed, treated varieties that have been de-natured and widely available in the market. Our honey is raw and cold-extracted. This means that honey is taken from the hives with no heat applied. Applying heat makes honey runnier and kills off the good enzymes. We do not blend a good variety of honey with a poor variety of honey to bulk the quantities and sell at a lower price. Our beekeepers are trained to harvest the finest quality only. 

Generally, all raw honey is slightly acidic in nature (pH ranging from 3.2 to 4.5) however, Organic Sidr (Beri) Honey is an exception. It is has a pH value of 6.5 - 7.2 which is very close to human blood pH value (7.1). This means, it takes a matter of seconds to dissolve in our bloodstream, providing an efficient source of high quality energy, minerals and vitamins. This medical grade honey is popular amongst the entire Arab belt, it has several proven health benefits.

Our beekeepers are trained in the art of cold-extraction of honey to EU Standards.